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Jamie Oliver Recipes

My favourite celebrity chef by far is Jamie Oliver.

He’s a brilliant chef, a lot of fun and seems like an all-round decent guy.

When one of my sons bought me Jamie’s book “Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals” for Christmas I was well impressed and didn’t waste any time trying out his recipes.

The majority of Jamie’s 30 minute meals include a main, a side dish and a pudding.

Break that down and it’s roughly ten minutes per dish – now that’s my sort of cooking!

I’m going to review individual dishes and give them my humble opinion score out of 10.

Here goes:

Jamie Oliver Recipes (My Reviews)

Mains (just click on the image of words)

Jamie’s Asian-Style Salmon




Jamie’s Crispy Salmon




Jamie’s Pregnant Jools’s Pasta




Jamie’s Smoky Haddock Corn Chowder




Jamie’s Wonky Summer Pasta




Sides (just click on the image or words)

Jamie’s Asian Greens




Jamie’s Dressed Potatoes




Jamie’s Herby Salad




You can visit Jamie’s website by clicking here.

Jan Littlehales

2 Responses to “Jamie Oliver Recipes”

  1. I’ve been watching the series. Jamie Oliver is a great cook and thanks for the reviews.

  2. Hi Tania,
    I enjoyed watching the TV series as well – and frantically wrote down the recipes as Jamie went along. How much easier, now that I have the book 🙂

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