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Who doesn’t love chocolate muffins… and hot out of the oven they are irresistible.

Banana and Chocolate Chip Muffins  and Peach Muffins are also delicious.

They are very easy to make and this recipe will take less than ten minutes to prepare and just over ten minutes to cook.

This recipe will make around 12 average sized muffins or 6 to 8 super sized muffins.

Chocolate Muffins

To keep things simple I use a cup measure.  The cup should hold approximately 250 ml / 8 fl oz of liquid.

Here goes:-

Chocolate Muffins – Ingredients

  • 2 cups self-raising flour
  • Half cup sugar
  • Quarter cup cocoa powder
  • Half cup chocolate chips
  • 100 g butter (or usual spread)
  • 1 egg
  • 1 cup milk (I use soy)
  • Half cup natural yoghurt
  • Half teaspoon vanilla essence (optional)
  • Spray oil for muffin tray

Chocolate Muffins – Method

  1. Put flour, sugar, cocoa powder and chocolate chips in a bowl and mix
  2. In a separate bowl heat the butter in the microwave until just melted
  3. Add the egg, milk, yoghurt and vanilla essence to the melted butter and mix
  4. Add this liquid to the dry ingredients and mix together until just combined
  5. Spray muffin tray with oil and spoon chocolate muffins mixture evenly into tray
  6. Baked in moderate oven until risen and firm to the touch (12-14 mins for average sized muffins – longer for super sized)
  7. Once cooked, allow to cool on the baking tray for a couple of minutes before carefully taking them out
  8. Eat straight away or allow to cool on a wire rack


  • If you don’t have any yoghurt, just add more milk
  • Instead of yoghurt, add a mashed ripe banana to the mix instead
  • Use this recipe to make around 20 cup cake sized muffins instead – they’ll take less time to cook of course

Handy Hints

  • To test if the muffins are cooked, carefully press your finger on top of one of them – if it’s spongy, they are cooked
  • You can also insert a thin skewer into one of the muffins to test if they are cooked – the skewer should come out ‘clean’ with no wet bits on it
  • Try not to over mix the muffin mixture – over mixing takes all the ‘air’ out of the mix
  • Don’t forget to offer the mixing bowl for ‘licking’ – I usually leave a few chocolate chips in there too 🙂
  • Chocolate muffins freeze well – if you have any left that is!
  • They are also great for the school lunch box

How easy was that!

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Have fun in the kitchen!

Jan Littlehales

9 Responses to “Chocolate Muffins – in Ten Minutes”

  1. Jazz Salinger says:

    Hi Jan,

    I love chocolate muffins and these look yummy. Your quick and easy recipes are perfect for my busy lifestyle.

    I can’t wait to give these a try. 🙂

  2. I also love chocolate muffins and to make them in ten minutes is even better. Eating them hot is definately the best.

  3. I want to come over to your house Jan for some chocolate muffins! Although, from the sound of your recipes, it would be a lot quicker just to make them myself! Hard to beat chocolate muffins in ten minutes!

  4. Harry Lynn says:

    G’day Jan,
    Now….. I thought we were friends. You know I’ll have to make some of these delicious, illegal, immoral and fattening muffins in this recipe ! Oh Well, an extra few kilometres in the morning walk should keep the weight where it should be ! Maybe I could add some oat bran and get a run for my money.

  5. Belinda says:

    Your chocolate muffins look delicious Janet, I need all the easy and quick recipes I can find now, that I am going to be a Mum.

  6. Gotta love chocolate muffins. I’m a fan of using a bit more coca powder and placing white chocolate buttons on top.

    If preparing among other food I’ve also found that smaller or mini chocolate muffins work best as often people can’t imagine eating a whole one – and so then won’t eat any at all.

  7. Tegan Hadley says:

    These chocolate muffins look amazing! Who doesnt love chocolate? I am definitely going to try this recipe!

  8. Hi Jan,
    sounds yummy alright, winter is the best time to cook. The smell of muffins in the air and the warmth from the oven reminds me of back home with mum, dad and the family. I can’t resist any longer, I am going to have a go and test my culinary skills on making chocolate muffins. I’m pretty good with cakes but I have never tested my skills with muffins. It’s a good time to start.
    best regards

  9. Tegan Hadley says:

    I agree with Lina I also want to come over for some chocolate muffins! Great website for busy people like me who only have ten minutes to make something great!

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