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Sticky, soggy pasta is not nice, so here are some handy tips on cooking pasta so that it is Al dente.

Pasta Al Dente

Cooking pasta

  • Always add pasta to boiling water – and use plenty of water
  • To save energy, boil water in the kettle and add to the pan.  It’s much quicker and will save energy.
  • Have a full kettle of boiling water handy, in case you need to add more water to the pan – don’t add cold, it will delay cooking and could make the pasta sticky and soggy

To avoid sticky pasta

  • Always cook in plenty of boiling water and stir occasionally to stop pasta sticking together
  • Once cooked, drain and serve as soon as possible
  • If the cooked pasta is sitting around in a sieve for a while before serving it could go a bit sticky – pouring boiling water from a kettle over the pasta will help and also heat up the pasta again

Made too much pasta?

  • Great!  If you’ve made too much pasta just run cold water over the extra, drain and store in the fridge.  The cold water rinse will help prevent it going sticky
  • To reheat cooked pasta from the fridge, put pasta in a bowl and cover with boiling water from the kettle.  Leave for a minute, drain, then serve with your favorite pasta sauce (don’t microwave it – it will go sticky)

Thanks for reading my Cooking Pasta post.  You might like to try pasta with carbonara – see below.

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