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Just a quick post on cooking rice in a microwave.

Most microwaves have a cooking rice option.  It’s very quick, easy and non-messy – and makes excellent fluffy rice.

You might like to try rice served with Thai Chicken or Chili Con Carne.

Leftover rice can be made into Fried Rice.

Cooking Rice

White Rice

  1. Some rice needs rinsing in cold water before you cook it, for example Basmati, so make sure you do that first
  2. All microwaves are different, but generally you will add twice as much boiling water as rice – for example, one cup of rice – two cups of boiling water
  3. Put rice and boiling water in microwave container with no lid
  4. Press the Cooking Rice button on your microwave
  5. Most microwaves will stop part way through cooking and prompt you to stir the rice
  6. IMPORTANT TIP – this is where I drain the rice and add fresh boiling water before putting it back into the microwave – the reason I do this is because it gets rid of a lot of the starch that makes rice sticky
  7. Return to the microwave and continue cooking until the microwave ‘pings’ to tell you it’s ready
  8. Drain off any excess liquid, stand for a minute or two then fluff up and serve
  9. TIP – if you are cooking brown rice in the microwave, add around 10 minutes of extra cooking time and more boiling water
  10. Rice freezes well, so don’t worry if you make too much

Brown Rice

For brown rice, follow the instructions above with these additional steps:-

  • At point 6 above, add more boiling water than you tipped out – about twice as much.
  • At point 7 above, return to the microwave and increase the cooking time by ten minutes, then continue cooking until the microwave ‘pings’ to tell you it’s ready.

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