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Food and Drink blogging is alive and well in Australia …and you just can’t stop them flashing!

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Thank you Eat Drink Blog for putting on a fabulous conference on Saturday 5th November 2011.  More than 80 very privileged and enthusiastic food and drink bloggers from around Australia were invited to attend this conference, held in Sydney. Very generous sponsorship meant the whole day was free.  What a rare treat.

Fellow Food Bloggers - Flashing

What I Learned

Article Writing – My article writing will hopefully improve, thanks to Valerie Khoo – journalist, author, entrepreneur and founder of the Sydney Writers’ Centre in Milsons Point. Thank you for your tips and tricks on how to make my writing shine.
Copyright Laws – My understanding of copyright and infringement laws, as they relate to food review blogging, is greatly improved.  Thank you Dominic Villa, Barrister and Stephen Estcourt QC.
Food Styling – Thank you Peter Georgakopoulos for showing us how to mix and match props to help improve our food photo images. Peter’s blog Souvlaki for the Soul.
Food Photography – Quentin Jones, photographer from the Sydney Morning Herald, shared his professional eye for food photography. Thanks Quentin.
SEO – Thanks Michael Gall for demonstrating how SEO can help our search engine rankings – and the importance of linking. Michael’s blog My Aching Head.
Monetising and Professional Blogging – Professional food bloggers, Jennifer Lam, Jules Clancy and Michael Shafran shared how they’ve successfully monetised their blogs. Well done guys!
Food Culture – Thanks Simon Marnie for giving us your take on the evolution of food culture in the media, as a result of the growing popularity of food blogging.
Meat Masterclass – Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) provided us with a fabulous lamb lunch and then chef, Nonie Dwyer, demonstrated how to cut up a whole lamb carcass – that’s right, a whole lamb carcass!

Who I met

The absolute best part of the Conference for me was meeting some wonderful food bloggers from around Australia, including:-

Joe – My Delicious Blog

Christina – The Hungry Australian

Erin – The Food Mentalist

Ashley – I’m So Hungree

Phuoc – Phuoc’n Delicious

Thanks guys for making the day really enjoyable and fun.

Did I Mention Dinner?

Kingsleys Steak and Crabhouse Restaurant in Woolloomooloo provided us all with an absolutely scrumptious meal, served with St Hallett delicious fine wines. The St Hallett Rose was to die for!  Photo flashes were happening all night – I definitely need to update my camera!!!  …and thanks Ashley for the heads up on Hendrick’s Gin 🙂

My first ever Hendrick's Gin

Oh yes, I also won first prize in the door prize

I’m now the proud owner of a Breviile top of the range Juice Fountain Plus.  Thank you Breville for donating this wonderful prize. Special thanks also to Elextrolux for providing the Conference venue – it was the perfect venue for this conference.

Last but not least

Thanks to Tammi Tasting Terroir, The Gourmet Forager and The Heart of Food – hats off to you guys for organising the whole event.  You’re all legends – thank you so much!

Jan Littlehales

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15 Responses to “Eat Drink Blog – Thank You”

  1. Ashley says:

    Haha! Flashing! How rude of all of us. ;P You did a great job summarizing all the talks really well! Always nice to meet a fellow gin and tonic lover… 🙂

  2. Wow, Jan!!!
    The whole thing was on the house, including the lunch!
    I’m so pleased you got invited to go and met so many amazing bloggers. That’s my favourite part about going to these things, especially the real niche events.
    AND you won the prize! Yippeee!
    You should find out if anyone’s doing a link-up of all posts for the event, and get your post linked to it.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks Ashley – hope to share another g & t with you some time soon 🙂

    ..and the dinner was a freebee too Lina – we were all really spoilt. Eat Drink Blog are doing a link up of all posts, so I’ve already submitted this one for inclusion 🙂

  4. Sounds like the perfect day and congratulations for winning the door prize – what a fantastic bonus. I love going to these conferences as you get to talk to so many wonderful people.

  5. Thanks Jackie,
    You’re right – you do get to meet so many wonderful people at these events.

  6. Jan,
    It was great to meet you at the conference. It was a great day and night and the meal at Kingsley’s was fantastic!

    Loving your blog x

  7. Hi Erin,
    It was great to meet you too 🙂 It was a fantastic day and that meal at Kingsley’s really was fantastic.
    Good to hear you’re enjoying my blog 🙂 x

  8. Hi Jan
    Love the photo of Jo and I taking photos! It was so funny watching everyone taking photos throughout the day. I felt like it was me x 80!
    And I really enjoyed the dinner, too. Mmmm.
    Have you used the juicer yet? 🙂

  9. Hi Christina,
    I’ve never seen so many enthusiastic photographers in one place!
    Dinner was yummy – I’ll definitely go back to Kingleys at some stage.
    Juicer is still in the box – plan on opening it up today 🙂

  10. John Davis says:

    Good to see food bloggers together. The recipes would have been flowing about. Glad to hear you enjoyed the night. Juicers are very handy kitchen extras. Congrats.

  11. Hi John,
    It was a great day – and I met some wonderful food bloggers. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  12. Lovely to meet you at the conference – and so jealous about your new juicer – have fun with it!

  13. Hi JJ,
    Yes, lovely to meet you at the conference – it was a great event. Juicer working well 🙂

  14. Eric Maron says:

    This eat, drink, blog seems to be a new craze!
    I have a few friends doing the same thing on Facebook.

  15. Hi Eric,
    Yes, there were over 80 food bloggers at the Eat Drink Blog Conference in Sydney, and quite a lot of us have written blogs about it. It was a wonderful day – as many of the blogs show.
    Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting.

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