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Whether you’re making Hawaiian Pizza or Roast Chicken for dinner, you’ll need to go shopping for the ingredients.

Do you take a shopping list with you when you go supermarket shopping?

I do, even if I’m going for just a few items.  Of course, I usually end up buying more than is on my list, but at least I come home with the items I really wanted.

There’s nothing worse than getting home and realising you’ve forgotten something – or making it through the check-out and having to go back in again.  We’ve all done it – be honest!

The Answer?

The answer, of course, is to make a shopping list. But not a rushed, last minute list. If you leave it until the last minute there’s a good chance you’ll forget to include something you ran out of days ago – most annoying when you get back home and realise 🙁

I suggest you have an On-The-Go  Shopping List at all times.  Mine is on the side of the fridge, along with a pencil (Blu Tack comes in handy).  If an item is running low, or I think of something I need, I immediately put it on the list.

Include Everything on your List – even the Basics

It’s just as easy to forget to buy bread and milk as anything else, so put it on the list.  We’ve all come home without the toilet roll – right?  Put it on the list.

The List is for Everyone to use

My boys have learned not to complain to me about there being no ice cream if it wasn’t on the list. I hardly ever eat ice cream, so I don’t know when it’s all gone (especially as they usually leave an empty tub just sitting there in the freezer – boys!).  Put it on the list boys!

Of course, they ‘try it on’ and add things like 10 packets of Tim Tams and a 6 pack of Magnums – which the shopper (aka me) can choose to ignore if she wishes 🙂

I hope I have inspired you to use a shopping list, if you don’t already.

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Jan Littlehales

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22 Responses to “Shopping List – Handy Hints”

  1. Rita says:

    Hi Jan,
    I often make out my shopping list,sometimes I leave it on the bench so at that time I just hope I remember everything.

  2. I love the idea of shopping lists. I use Woolworths Online for my shopping list as I can put down everything I need and then know nothing is forgotten.

  3. Lisa Wood says:

    Hi Jan,

    I really like your idea of a Shopping List. If we go shopping without a list we usually forget something and run out of things during the week.

    I dont eat ice-cream either! I love how you have the list on the fridge, and you add things as you run out of them. A great system to have.


  4. Hi Rita,
    I’ve done exactly the same thing – it’s most annoying! lol

  5. I have stuck a magnet to the back of my paperlist so it is always at the fridge door. Whatever goes missing goes straight onto my shopping list.
    My biggest problem is to not leave the list hanging at the firdge 😉

  6. Thanks for comments Lisa and Tania and Renee,
    I’ve often thought about giving Woolworths Online a go Tania – I’d probably spend a lot less money, as I always end up buying things that aren’t on my shopping list at the supermarket 🙂
    I’ve got so used to having a shopping list Lisa, I couldn’t supermarket shop without it. Putting the list somewhere handy in the kitchen really helps.
    Renee – know what you mean about leaving the list at home – most annoying! I’ve used magnets too – great idea 🙂
    Jan x

  7. Kerry Lea says:

    Hi Jan
    Agree a shopping list is so handy and keeping an on-the-go list is perfect. It is good to know my family are not the only ones that leave empty ice cream containers in the freezer. Only the other day I saw the chocolate drumstick box in the freezer and I thought I will have one of those and it is empty, drives me mad.

  8. Hilary says:

    Yes, having the shopping list handy, and available for all to see on an ongoing basis is definitely the way to go.

    It is good having the option to ignore the items you don’t want ;)!

  9. Hi Hilary and Kerry,
    Hilary – One of the few things I still have control of – lol 🙂
    How funny Kerry, that your children do exactly the same – empty ice-cream tubs and boxes just left there – argh !!!

  10. I don’t use a shopping list which is why I have 4 bottles of washing up detergent and 3 rolls of cling wrap in my cupboards (plus multiples of other products) I usually have a quick look in the cupboards and fridge before I go shopping and go from there. I really should start using one though as I would probably save some money.

  11. Really great to see you branching out and trying a totally different style of post! Thanks, Jan for your shopping list tips!

  12. Hi Jackie and Lina,
    That would definitely happen to me, Jackie, if I didn’t have a shopping list – lol
    Yes, it felt good to have a change of writing style Lina – will do it more often from now on.
    Thanks for dropping by ladies 🙂

  13. John Davis says:

    Hello Jan,
    Good advice. Always take a shopping list with you and refer to it constantly. Find it is O.K. to purchase a couple of extra items and having the shopping list will basically get you what you went there for and keep your excess spending in check.. It makes you stay accountable to yourself for outgoing costs..

  14. Hi John,
    Nice to hear from you. Yes, I never go supermarket shopping without the shopping list. Just before I go through the check out I’ll have a quick look at the list to make sure I’ve got everything – I’ve usually forgotten something and have to whiz up the isles one last time to get that important item 🙂

  15. David wood says:

    As the person that does the shopping (and most of the cooking) I always take a shopping list with me. I even calculate the food as I am shopping so I know how much I have spent. If its not on the list then I dont buy it!
    Our boys try to get us to buy extras when I take them with me so I try to shop by myself.

  16. Hi Dave,
    How disciplined, that you only buy the things on the list – I’m very impressed. I think it must be a man thing. On the rare occasion my husband goes to the supermarket, he also only gets exactly what’s on the list. Guess we ladies just love to shop. But I still need my shopping list 🙂

  17. Cade says:

    Hi Jan.
    I must admit I don’t do a lot of grocery shopping, however I am definitely a list person. I write a list for everything I’m doing for the day and also another for long term things.
    Great post Jan, lists are a great tool for keeping you on track to achieving the result you set.


  18. Hi Cade,
    Yes, I’m a bit of a list person myself. There’s nothing more satisfying than getting to the end of the day and everything on the ‘to-do-today’ list has been crossed off 🙂

  19. Tegan Hadley says:

    great post on shopping lists and handy hints… I know if I dont make a list, not only do i forget things, but Ill get extra things I dont need… like chocolate 😛

  20. Carolyn says:

    Great idea to include the whole family in helping with the shopping list. All part of working together.

  21. Sean says:

    Hi Jan, I can absolutely relate to what youre saying here, as I have just moved out of home recently and when it came time to do my first grocery shop, I managed to conjure up my first shopping list which I know would have saved me plenty of time and dollars! One thing îI wont forget for next time is to bring along a pen to cross the items off though!

  22. Hi Tegan – know that you mean! Although it’s difficult to resist the chocolate, even with a list – lol 🙂
    Hi Carolyn – yes, it works well getting the boys involved – bit of a laugh too when you see some of the things they put on it 🙂
    HI Sean – Yes, crossing off as you go is a good idea, although once you’ve been shopping with a list for years (and years like I have 🙂 ) you get so good at it, you can do it without crossing off as you go 🙂

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