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Food Blogging

Thousands of bloggers post their blogs online every day, on just about every topic under the sun.

My passion is food blogging and you’re reading one of my blogs right now – thanks 🙂

The majority of my food blogs are recipes that are quick and easy to prepare:

Vegetarian Pizza

How to Make a Cake

Prawn Pasta

…but for this blog I thought I’d explain what blogging is about and ask the question:

Have you ever thought about Blogging?

So what’s it all about?

Blogging is an avenue that allows you to write about what you are passionate about (or anything else you might want to write about).  The internet is the vehicle that enables you to share your passion with others.

Many bloggers do it as a hobby, purely for pleasure, while others might blog on a part-time basis to supplement their income.  There are also full-time bloggers, where blogging is their main source of income.

It’s probably fair to say that the majority of bloggers start blogging either as a hobby or on a part-time basis to earn some extra cash.

Is it Lonely being a Blogger?

You might think being a blogger would be a lonely existence, but it certainly doesn’t have to be.

If you wish, you can interact with fellow bloggers and your own blog followers on a daily basis.  It can, in fact, be extremely sociable if you want it to be.

In early November The Australian Food and Drink Bloggers Conference will take place in Sydney. I’m one of the fortunate food bloggers to be invited, and you can bet on it being a very sociable affair!

But where to start?

There’s a free e-book that will give you a heads up not only on Blogging but on a whole range of related Internet Marketing topics.

There’s a chapter specifically on “How to Find your Blogging Voice”and another on “5 Reasons to use WordPress for your Blog”.  There’s even a chapter written by me, on “Article Writing with Ezine”.

Please accept this e-book with my compliments.  Just fill in the form below, email required in the first box, and press subscribe.

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If you want to start making money online:

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For the past few years she’s been earning a full-time income working very few hours – all thanks to her Easy Paycheck Formula.

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Thanks for visiting my website.

Jan Littlehales

6 Responses to “Food Blogging”

  1. Blogging is certainly sociable. I talk to my online blogging community on a daily basis and its a great way to connect with other like minded people. Have a fantastic time at The Australian Food and Drink Bloggers Conference.

  2. Kerry Lea says:

    Blogging is a lot of fun and once you start most people will find it addictive. With social media blogging is definately a very social activity.

  3. Thanks for dropping by Jackie and Kerry,
    Jackie – Blogging is connecting like-minded people from all around the world – isn’t it fabulous 🙂
    You’re not wrong Kerry, blogging can become addictive!

  4. Rita Pepper says:

    Hi Jan,
    You are so right that blogging can be extremely sociable, interacting and learning from others. Congratulations on your invitation to The Australian Food and Drink Bloggers Conference, have fun and learn lots.

  5. Jenny Locke says:

    Hi Jan
    There is just something about blogging and we probably all love it for different reasons. I love writing and also the creativity when creating a blog plus it is an ever evolving process with so many choices.
    The conference will be fantastic and I will look forward to hearing all about it.

  6. Hi Jenny and Rita,
    You’re right Jenny, we probably do all love it for different reasons, but I think it does bring out the creative side in all of us.
    Yes Rita – Blogging can be extremely sociable it you want it to be …and interacting and learning from others is also an important part.

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