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Crumble is everybody’s favourite – and it takes less than ten minutes to prepare this yummy apple crumble recipe.

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Once prepared, you can cook this crumble straight away or put it in the fridge and cook later.

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Apple Crumble Recipe

To keep things really simple, I use a cup measure for this recipe – the cup should hold approx 8 fl oz / 250 ml.

This recipe will serve around 6 people.

Here goes:

Apple Crumble Recipe – Ingredients

  • One large tin (approx 800g) cooked apples
  • Approx 150g butter (or your usual spread)
  • One cup plain flour
  • Quarter cup of sugar
  • Half cup of oats

Apple Crumble Recipe – Method

  1. Empty tin of apples into an oven proof bowl or deep dish
  2. In a separate bowl, rub butter and flour together with fingers (messy job – suggest you put on disposable kitchen gloves)
  3. Add sugar and oats and mix everything together
  4. Put crumble mix on top of apple
  5. Cook in moderate oven for approx 30 minutes – it should be nice and golden coloured on top

Serving Suggestions

  • Serve with ice cream, cream or custard (or all three)
  • Also delicious with pureed mixed berries (use frozen – just microwave with a little sugar until mushy)


  • Tin pears work very well – drain off most of the juice
  • Tin peaches also good – also drained
  • Tin Rhubarb – my favourite, but alas my boys aren’t keen
  • Frozen mixed berries are great – you may need to add some sugar
  • Combination – pears with a few mixed berries on top is delicious
  • Apple with a couple of sliced bananas works well too
  • Of course you can use fresh fruit if you wish (and have more time)
  • If you use fresh apple or pear,  peel, core and slice, then cook slowly in a little water until soft

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Jan Littlehales

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8 Responses to “Apple Crumble Recipe – in Ten Minutes”

  1. Hi Jan,

    Love simple recipes, thanks. If I wanted to use fresh apples, which are the best variety to use?
    .-= David Moloney´s last blog ..Elance: Where to Find a Great Logo Designer =-.

  2. Hi David – back in the UK, Bramley apples were definitely the best for cooking (but you had to add sugar, because they are a bit sour without). I haven’t seen Bramley apples here, but Granny Smiths are good to cook with (no need to add sugar). To be honest, any ‘hard’ apples will work for this apple crumble recipe. Don’t use the peel of course – add a bit of water to the pan – and don’t over cook or it ends up like baby food!! Let me know how you get on. Jan

  3. Cade says:

    Hi Jan,
    Apple Crumble is one of my favourites, I will certainly jot this one down to try in the pizza oven.
    I like your alternative suggestion to use rhubarb, although its not that common these days, rhubarb and ice cream was one of my favourites as a kid.
    Come to think of it…. icecream seemed to feature pretty regularly on my favourite list. 🙂
    .-= Cade´s last blog ..Technical Analysis of Stock Trends #3 – Price Chart Indicators =-.

  4. tim says:

    Crumble sounds great, just what you need in this cold & wet weather
    .-= tim´s last blog ..Learn to Type =-.

  5. There is a great share of your knowledge in the field in this post. I enjoy your writing. I’ve added you to my boomarks and will give you a mentioning over at my blog. I did have an issue with how fast this page loaded. Might be an issue to fix.

  6. I’ll check out the slow loading – thanks 🙂

  7. Carl says:

    This is a good one, cheers!

  8. dina says:

    Had friends over for tea last nite and they raved about the apple crumble…When I told them it took less than 5min to prepare and 20 to cook, everyone wanted a copy of this simple recipe….Must try the rhubard crumble memories of childhood here…

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