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Roast Chicken is very easy to prepare. Put a few veggies in the baking tray with the chicken and you’ve got a very easy roast chicken recipe, prepared and ready for the oven in around ten minutes.

For  a quick and convenient way to defrost frozen chicken, click here  …and you can use the chicken carcass to make your own chicken stock.

Most root vegetables roast well cooked alongside a whole chicken. Potatoes and carrots are particularly good, and parsnips work well too.


Roast Chicken - ready for the oven

Roast Chicken - hot out of the oven

Here goes:

Roast Chicken – Ingredients

  • One uncooked chicken (thawed, if bought frozen)
  • One whole onion (for the chicken cavity)
  • Oil (I use olive oil)
  • Salt/Pepper
  • Mixed Herbs – dried or fresh (optional)
  • Potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Parsnips (optional) or other root vegetable

Roast Chicken – Method

  1. Rinse the chicken inside and out in cold water then place in a large baking tray
  2. Peel the onion and place inside the chicken cavity
  3. Drizzle over the chicken enough oil to form a thin layer of oil in the base of the tray
  4. Season with salt and pepper and sprinkle with mixed herbs
  5. Place in a moderate oven to heat the oil
  6. While the oil is getting hot, peel the potatoes, carrots and parsnips
  7. Once the oil is hot (around 5 minutes) put the veggies on either side of the chicken and carefully baste them with the hot oil
  8. Return to the oven for approximately one and a half hours, or until the chicken is properly cooked (see handy hints below)
  9. Let the chicken ‘rest’ for 5 or 10 minutes on a warmed serving plate before carving

Serving Suggestions

  • Serve with gravy (make your own or buy the powdered kind where you just add boiling water and stir)
  • If you have extra time, make some delicious Yorkshire puddings
  • Stuffing is also nice with roast chicken, but you’re not going to get all the extra trimmings done in ten minutes!
  • Apple sauce is another nice addition

Handy Hints

  • The chicken is cooked when the juices run clear – and not blooded. Test by carefully sticking a skewer or fork between the leg and breast of the chicken
  • Better to slightly over-cook. Under-cooked chicken can be dangerous to health
  • Letting the roast chicken rest for 5 or 10 minutes makes the chicken more juicy (and less dry)
  • The onion that went in the chicken cavity is not for eating (unless you really want to). Roast chicken just cooks better if the cavity is filled
  • You can return the veggies to the oven to keep them hot while the chicken is resting (turn off the heat, if they are already well cooked)
  • Because the chicken will take around one and a half hours to cook, the potatoes and carrots should be kept quite big, otherwise they will cook too quickly and burn
  • If you prefer your veggies smaller, add them half way through cooking the roast chicken

If you weren’t sure how to roast a chicken, why not give it a try.  As you can see, it’s quick and easy to prepare – and delicious 🙂

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Jan Littlehales

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4 Responses to “Roast Chicken – in Ten Minutes”

  1. I never tend to cook roast chicken and usually buy them already cooked, but your picture above really looks delicious. And to be able to put all the veges in there together would really save time.

  2. Hi Jackie,
    Like you, I sometimes buy ready cooked roast chicken – especially in summer to have with a salad.
    But, you know, it really is quick and easy to roast your own – and the smell from the kitchen while it’s cooking is to die for 🙂

  3. Jenny Locke says:

    That does sound particularly good. I usually cook a roast in the weekend when I have more time. Thanks for the great tips.

  4. Thanks Jenny,
    Roast dinners always seem ‘right’ at the weekend. I think they take me back to my childhood when we ALWAYS had roast dinner for Sunday lunch 🙂

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