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The Royal Wedding is just over a week away (Friday 29th April 2011) and if you intend being glued to the TV for all the festivities (including pre and post) then you wont want to be spending too much time in the kitchen.

Nor will you want to order take away pizza for such a momentous occasion – will you?

So here are a few quick and easy suggestions for you to make and enjoy while you watch the Royal Wedding.

Fresh Oysters and Prawns – previously listed as a Valentine’s Day Dinner – which seems kind of appropriate, don’t you think?

Fresh Oysters


Smoked Trout Pasta Bake – the Brits love their smoked trout (I am one – a Brit, not a smoked trout!). Who knows, it could be on the wedding menu!

Smoked Trout Pasta Bake


Chicken Cacciatore – just throw everything in the slow cooker and get back to the TV coverage 🙂

Chicken Cacciatore


Beef Stroganoff – here’s another one where you let the slow cooker do all the work.

Beef Stroganoff


Apple Crumble – just in case you fancy a sweet treat.

Apple Crumble

Thanks for visiting my website.

Best wishes to the Happy Couple.

Jan Littlehales


6 Responses to “Royal Wedding Dinner – in Ten Minutes”

  1. Ariel Giron says:

    I’ll go for fresh oysters. They ARE very appropriate.

  2. I like your tastes. Shucked Oysters to start, I think I would have to accompany them with some local Margaret River Reiseling, Howard Park is one of my favourites. The combination with Oysters is just amazing. As for the main and the pud, Love it. It would be nice to think that the Royals are down to earth enough to have Apple crumble. Thanks for the reminders of your recipes.

  3. Lisa wood says:

    Hello Jan,

    I love seafood and fresh oysters and Prawns sounds like a great treat while watching the royal wedding.

    Slow cookers are the best as you can throw everything in and know that after about three hours-four hours the dinner will be ready.

    We have apple crumble pie a few times a week as our boys love it 🙂 Great ideas here about making food quickly so that no one will miss the royal wedding.


  4. Lina Nguyen says:

    You smoked trout pom, you :).
    Wow, this really is a recipe fit for a King & Queen (to be!). Love the oysters and the apple crumble (but not at the same time, LOL).

  5. Carolyn says:

    Beef Stroganoff has long been a favourite for my family. And to cook it in the slow cooker is an excellent idea.

  6. Cade says:

    Hi Jan,
    Yummo! I’m a big Apple Crumble fan for desert, and I like the sound of an oysters and prawns entree to get the show on the road.

    The was watching one of the chefs from Charles and Diana’s Royal Wedding on the TV last night, and he was cooking up some lobster as an entree and a Rack of Lamb for the Main, which sounded delectable.

    Mmmm! I’m feeling hungry just thinking about it 😉

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