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If you haven’t had a go at making your own pizza, I encourage you to try it. You might also like to check out Vegetarian Pizza.

This Hawaiian Pizza recipe uses a ready-made pizza base, so all you have to do is supply the topping.  It’s worth shopping around for a good quality pizza base.  Some of them taste like cardboard – and look like cardboard actually.

I’ve found a really yummy one made by Porto Pizza – made from flour, yeast, oil, water, tomato puree, oregano and salt (no preservatives or other nasties).

One pizza will serve 1-2 people, so you decide how many you will need to make… and don’t make the mistake of loading the Hawaiian Pizza with too much topping.  Less is definitely more yummy when it comes to pizza 🙂

Hawaiian Pizza

Here goes:

Hawaiian Pizza Recipe – Ingredients

  • Ready-made Pizza base
  • Tomato Paste
  • Dried Oregano (or other favourite herb – basil works well)
  • Cooked sliced ham, roughly chopped
  • Tin pineapple pieces, well drained
  • Grated cheese – I use my usual vintage cheddar
  • Pizza Stone or Pizza Cooking Tray to cook

Pizza Stone

Pizza Cooking Tray







Hawaiian Pizza Recipe – Method

  1. Pre-heat the oven to moderately hot
  2. If you are using a pizza stone, don’t forget to pre-heat it in the oven
  3. Spread some tomato paste on the pizza base and sprinkle with dried oregano
  4. Randomly scatter the chopped ham and drained pineapple pieces
  5. Sprinkle with grated cheese
  6. Bake in pre-heated oven for around 15 minutes – pizzas don’t take long to cook

Serving Suggestions

  • Pizzas are great just served on their own
  • With or without a knife and fork
  • At the dining table or in front of the TV
  • Or serve with jacket potatoes and a fresh green salad

Variations and Handy Hints

  • Pizza stones are great for cooking pizza, but you must pre-heat them – otherwise the pizza base will take too long to cook and the topping will be burnt
  • If you haven’t got a pizza stone or pizza tray you can use a large cooking tray. However, it’s worth investing in either a pizza tray or stone. The holes in the tray assist in cooking a great pizza base and the pizza stone evenly cooks the base with the added advantage of keeping the pizza hot at the table
  • I’ll mention again about not over-loading your pizza with too much topping
  • You can buy ready grated pizza cheese or use mozzarella. However, I find both a bit tasteless so prefer to use vintage cheddar
  • Try tomato paste with added herbs – available in most supermarkets
  • There are no limits when it comes to pizza toppings. One of my favourites is smoked salmon, feta cheese, Kalamata black olives and a little vintage cheddar – yum 🙂

What are your favourite pizza toppings?

Thanks for dropping by and reading my website.

Jan Littlehales

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13 Responses to “Hawaiian Pizza Recipe – in Ten Minutes”

  1. Lisa wood says:

    Our boys love eating pizza. We are trying many different varities – now that we have to try making vegetarian pizza its wonderful the creations that we come up with. Actually our second boy is great at making the best pizzas in the family.
    Not sure how we will go with making pizza on the road but it will be interesting trying!

    Love your pizza recipe with the Hawaiian Pizza. One of boys loves Hawaiian Pizza as his favorite – it has been a long time since he has had one! Maybe that will be one of easy dinners this week.


  2. Thanks for dropping by Lisa,
    I’ve yet to meet a boy who doesn’t love eating pizza – great that you’ve got your boys making them as well 🙂
    Hawaiian pizza seems to be a favourite with everyone, but there are so many other possibilities. Would love to hear about some of your favourite ones.
    Jan x

  3. Our family also loves pizza as well and I have just started making the bases myself using a mix similar to scone dough. Very quick and easy. The Hawaiian pizza is always a favourite but I love the one you suggested with salmon, feta, olives and vintage cheese. Sounds absolutely delicious. Any dinner I can prepare in ten minutes is a winner for me.

  4. Hilary says:

    My children love making their own pizzas, and I know that hawaiian pizzas will go down very well. The best thing is that I know what’s going on them :)!

  5. Thanks for your comments Hilary and Jackie.
    I agree Hilary – the best thing about home made pizza is you know what goes on it!
    Jackie – your scone dough for pizza base sounds really interesting. Any chance of the recipe?

  6. Jan, you should’ve been over at my friend’s house the other night when we made Hawaiian Pizza! She definitely was not of the “less is more” persuasion! Her topping was about 10cm high (I kid you not!!!). LOL…

  7. John Davis says:

    Hello Jan,
    Just checking things out on a Friday night.
    Having pizza now. Thanks for the handy recipe. Yum.

  8. Thanks for dropping by John and Lina,
    Lina – I too had a home made supreme pizza at a friend’s place not so long ago. It was so top heavy with ingredients it looked more like a pizza pie – and it was definitely a knife and fork job! But, hey, it still tasted good and it was a meal I didn’t have to cook – and that’s always a treat. Have a go at making pizza yourself at some stage – there’s one little fella that is sure to like pizza in a few years time 🙂
    John – Pizza on a Friday night – been there many times! When it gets to the end of the week a quick and easy dinner is the way to go – or takeaway if you really have to – lol 🙂

  9. HI Jan

    Fantastic recipe. Our kids get so excited when I say we are going to have home made pizza. It is all hands on deck and the kitchen is a huge mess from productivity. Then the reward is huge smiles from eating such fantastic home made pizza.


  10. Hi Cherie,
    My boys STILL get excited about homemade pizza and they are now 19 and 16! Hawaiian pizza is always a favourite, but the sky’s the limit when it comes to homemade pizza – you can add whatever you want – that’s part of the fun 🙂
    Thanks for dropping by.

  11. Tegan Hadley says:

    I love that the hawaiin pizza may serve 1-2 people! haha definitely just one of me on a hungry rampage! Looks delicious!

  12. Carolyn says:

    When our kids were growing up we had lots of home made pizza, so good to put as much topping on as we liked, and they enjoyed making them as well. Your recipe here sounds scrumptous! Must make it again.

  13. Hi Tegan – I tend to agree – and there’s no way my boys would share one!
    Hi Carolyn – Yes, I recommend you start making home made pizza again – there are just so many yummy toppings you can use.

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